Fear Of Failure

When we were doing our school education, a proverb was taught to most of us which we were never allowed to practice in real time.

Failure is the stepping stone for success.

There use to be a hell lot of stories that are preached around this line such as, Edison failed some thousand times before inventing a bulb etc. etc.

But in the reality we were not allowed to face failure and succeed even in our school exams. Right from kindergarten we are programmed to pass, not to fail. Failing in an exam is like a criminal offense in the society that we live in.

So automatically a thought is seeded in our minds that failure in something is the end of the world.

Instead of teaching the kid to face failure and overcome by better efforts, The parents for generations made the kids live like a machine to chase something but never gave the heart for them to fall and stand back.

The wrong decisions of people who fail in exams, love affair etc. are the results of such bad parenting I would say.

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The fire to face such situations doesn’t come if you watch tons of motivational videos, read books, hear life histories of someone else. It always comes from within, when your blood & flesh feels the failure and the bubble around you which is your family, friends, relations etc. motivates you to getup and run without panic.

Because many a times people are not scared of failures but are scared to face this bubble of people the so called “society” around them.

The guy one who has written this ie, I myself was also brought up by same principles, but had the brains along with situational awareness to understand that life is more than what is projected before me.

It took almost 24 years for me to show my parents something that I could say as a success from their perspective, a “Job in a MNC”

By the time I did that I had a truck load of failures in my life that should have submerged me and never allowed me to get up.

Honarary mentions will be 1 love failure, 13 arrears in my UG, very low percentage in all my academic records, I was certified fit for nothing by my professors and many more such negative vibes around me.

No one ever in their dreams imagined I could ever get into a MNC for a good salary which is considered as the ultimate success in Indian society that we live with the above mentioned track record for 24 years.

What made me succeed finally? it was my insecurity towards my life and my determination to face all odds that were stacked against me by myself & by the society and get rid of the question which was hanging like a knife above my head What next?.

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure

-Bill Gates

Is this blog to brag about myself ? Absolutely not. It is just to say one thing, Failures are the things that define you, Makes your life interesting, Brings a new perspective/maturity towards life.

Today i am facing a similar fear which I faced 4 years ago, Yes am jobless, lost the second love of my life, no clue about what next? in life.

But one thing that’s there with me now that I missed 4 years ago is the confidence on myself and shutting my ears to external world which constantly looks for an opportunity to put me down.

Today while writing this am man enough to answer the question “Do I fear to face failure? And It’s a Hell No.