My First Trip Abroad – Thailand

It all started during the period of April 2017, when I desperately wanted to have my first trip abroad just to experience the different cultural atmosphere. So the hunt for the places started. It started as an Europe trip then shifted to Dubai due to budget constraints. Finally it was decided as a 10 day trip to Thailand in August 2017.

Dream come True


The first thing that welcomed me was the big portrait of the late king Bhumibol Adulyadej in the airport and over the ten days I found him everywhere I travelled much like our politicians banners across Chennai.


First day of my trip was spent entirely in Bangkok the capital city much similar to Bangalore or Chennai for that matter but the things that stood out for me was

  • Better planned infrastructure
  • Better public/alternative transportation
  • Disciplined driving
  • Welcoming people
  • Vehicles powered by alternate fuels

These things make Thailand look pleasant even though it has one of the busiest floating population in the world.



I travelled from Bangkok to Pattaya on the second day of my trip for a 3 days trip by a bus which costed only 240 INR.







The city which is often compared to vegas and one of the most liveliest cities that I have been to. The three day itenary included the Buddha temple, the famous Walking street, Phatong & jomtien beaches, coral island etc. The city is the one place where you can seen even Indians leaving all their inhibitions and wear whatever they feel like, be cozy wherever u feel like, eat food that is never thought of (Scorpion, Crocodile meat etc..). Have lot of relaxation with the special Thai massage.

Beautiful view of Coral Island located near Pattaya






Phuket was similar to Pattaya, but surrounded with a lot of islands which u can explore and experience with nature at its best (Had an unexpected meet with a live alligator). The kho phi phi, James bond islands or the Viking islands and there are numerous other islands gives you the much needed refreshment from stressful work-life.

The entire trip went out on a flash and I had to return back by 18th August even though I never wanted to. This trip actually taught me a lot of things like how to survive out of my comfort zone, shed all inhibitions, look things in a different perspective.

The last Picture with the Thailand National Flag as a note of thanks for such a pleasant country and welcoming people for the hospitality

For all these 10 days my food 3 times a day was a burger from burger king which made me hate burgers to the core and the effect after that is till today 02.09.18 I had only one burger post my trip

If you ask me given a chance will u travel again, I would definitely say I will and if you are smart enough you can actually save a lot of bucks as well (My entire expense for the trip estimated was 66K INR for 10 days including travel (2 flights), food, accommodation etc. but I could end up saving 15K INR. So money is never an excuse to skip an awesome vacation.

Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.

-Pat Conroy

Keep travelling, Keep exploring within

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