Why I Started this Blogging???

Hi all am Balaji Murugesan, am a Market research professional and an engineer purely not by my choice.

Am not a writer by any means, not even a reader. This will raise few questions,

Why am starting this blog? and what is my purpose?

Is it because am unemployed right now and have a lot of time to spare…The answer is a big “NO”

K then why?

Is it to make money to meet my daily bread and butter…again it’s a “NO”


It’s just after reading this quote on virtual medium and getting inspired by it.

Share your knowledge, It’s a way to achieve immortality.

-Dalai Lama

If i say so no one is going to believe me and as you would have guessed it’s not the motive too.

The actual point is recently i got the awareness about the power of this medium and found it be a perfect platform to share my thoughts, ideas or experiences on anything i come across and feel that’s worth sharing.

One more reason is I strongly believe that to become a good writer you have to be an excellent reader as well as listener. So to motivate myself to read and sharpen my listening as well, this new avatar would help me.

So please ignore any mistakes in my writing as it’s my first blog and correct me with your feedbacks so I get to learn and develop myself.

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