Life is to be lived not to be just spent

It has been a long break for me from blogging. It’s purely because I got into a new role with another organisation and I moved to a different residence. It took a lot of my time and effort altogether for this complete shift.

In this long gap few incidences in my known one’s life posted a big question in my mind: Many of us come into this world: Live here for years and what do we do exactly?

We crawl, walk and try to get used to this world for 5 years, then we study for 20 years, then we find a job and run a family for another 50 years max. Only a few live life that has various aspects and memories. Rest all run a mechanical life.

So my question here is what exactly is the purpose of this life? Why are we here? And what we are taking when we leave? I have seen many of my friends who don’t travel, don’t enjoy the smallest pleasures of life, but run 9 to 5, 6 days/ week with hell lot of pressure. is this how we are meant to be?

Many can point a finger towards me and ask: Are you living your life the different way? My answer would be Yes.

Over the years I have developed a few principles that I strictly follow which keeps me balanced all the time. These are simple yet hard to master and practice.

Set your own Milestones/Goals:


Right from my schooling people started demanding certain milestones often comparing me with others. But I was always deaf to it and I lived it my way with my own goals / priorities. Yes, I scored at medium level in academics but today when I look back, I have lot of memories that I shared with my friends that many of my topper friends never experienced. I have been on a negative path sometimes but today those situations gave me experience to judge what is right and what is wrong. They have given me strength to not panic on any situation and handle anything with easy go attitude.

Live your life to the fullest satisfaction of Yourself:

I am 28, when most of my friends got married and running towards their next life targets I have been often seen as a left out brat in that bunch. But I have planned my life as such, before my commitments ruin my age in the coming years; I wanted to travel a lot within my financial limits. I have accomplished it to some extent where I have traveled a lot of Karnataka, been to Pune, Pudhuchery etc. during my time in Bangalore.

I have traveled to one foreign destination not to earn my bread or a mandatory honeymoon trip unlike many others but as a vacation for myself.

Believe me it is really awesome to visualize a different world than the one you have born & brought up. That one trip made me to hold a pledge to travel many other destinations over my lifetime than doing regular chores.

Art Of Balancing Work & Personal Life:


Balancing work life balance is a tough ask today. Many a time people work without maintaining this aspect, losing interest on both work and personal life and run behind only money. So far I am part of two organizations and I make sure that I work only on my assigned work hours. I always stick to keeping myself available only in my personal space from Friday evening to Monday morning, not worrying about my weekday commitments. I have been part of most of my friend’s special occasions without fail and I am a movie buff too. These things keep you relieved of stress and reduce your fatigue to a large extent.

Stop Worrying about the future and live the day today:

The one bad habit I would say that I noticed in many is worrying about the future and killing the beautiful 24 hours that is today. I have faced tough situations in my life and learnt one simple thing “Your life isn’t completely yours and there are always a probability that it is a combination of situations/events from others life too. So instead of worrying I keep doing right things from my end and the other end flows through automatically which we have no control of as humans. Live in the present without worrying about the future.

Have a smaller bubble around you:

I have a huge lot of friends but I am always a fan of having a small bubble around you. My bubble has my parents who back me always no matter what. My direct relations who always keep me boosted however worst my situation is and finally my best friends (A small bunch whom I can even name and they are like a family and am one in theirs) and I have freedom to ring them immediately at any point of time. These are the only people whom you can trust with your life on the line and have long conversations non-stop like a story-telling kid.

Accept Your Mistakes and learn:

Accepting our mistakes once it happened needs a lot of guts. but accepting our mistakes gives us a great self belief to never commit it again and be careful on our actions henceforth. It took a lot for me to come out and accept a mistake that i committed a few years back, once that was done i have never done that again and also got courage to accept myself as what i am without any compromise.

Practice to Say NO:

The main principle that we all should learn is to SAY NO, Unless your heart and soul is full convinced never say Yes for anything, for anybody. No body is going to be accountable for anything in our life than our words and our actions. It is always good to say No than a halfhearted yes for the sake of others. So be frank to say No to anything that you don’t believe. I have a lot of friends, colleagues who smoke, being in that environment it is easy for me to also pick up the habit but i stood by my ground to say NO because cigarette smoking was sacrificed by my dad for our goodwill during my childhood. The decision influenced me subconsciously to not touch tobacco anytime in my life.

Be Yourself:

Being yourself is a much needed quality in the society we live in. Every individual have their own traits, talents, physique etc. It is not necessary always to change yourself and pretend to be someone else. I am not always comfortable in eating with spoon/fork. Many a times I eat even noodles with bare hands just because that’s comfortable for me and I don’t mind the surroundings or the people who look at me like I am from a different planet altogether.

These rules which I have set for myself worked out very well for me and always help to keep things simple in my life so far. Try and these will work for anybody like magic. The one line which summarizes everything is,

“Prioritize yourself without harming others; Stay less sensitive to the unwanted elements in your surroundings; Live life to the fullest”